Acerboni Dianthea 301 Double Folios

These new folios from Mario Acerboni are offered in a choice of black, pink or blue covers and either a 27x27 cm size for a 21.5x21.5 cm image or a 15x15 cm size for a 14x14 cm image. If you need your images printed and mounted into the folio, click here

to be taken to the relevant page where you can order your prints.

Product Details

Unit Measure Each, P10
Stock Item Yes
Stock Item Price VAT
Acerboni Pink 301 Folio 14x14 cm301/13x13/14 Yes 21.56* 20%
Acerboni Blue 301 Folio 14x14 cm301/13x13/20 Yes 21.56* 20%
Acerboni Black 301 Folio 14x14 cm301/13x13/3 Yes 21.56* 20%
Acerboni 301 Folio O-Lay 14x14 cm - 5x4" Aperture Pack10 Acerboni 301 Folio O-Lay 14x14 cm - 5x4" Aperture Pack10MFOL54-B Yes 5.72 20%
* This price is for one item only. Discounts are available for bulk purchases.

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