Image Blocks-Birch Finish

A new range of Image Blocks with a Birch Ply finish supplied ready to hang!

  • Just choose the size of block that you have selected from the list below and click "Add to Basket".
  • Smaller Image Blocs can be placed on a desk or shelf whilst larger blocks over 8x6" have wall mounting fixings.
  • You can upload your block image here ...CLICK HERE or when you go through the checkout, you can also upload then.

Product Details

Unit Measure EACH
Stock Item Yes
Stock Item Price VAT
P&B Image Block-Birch-5x5PR-CTBLOK-5x5-BP Yes 6.60 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-6x4PR-CTBLOK-6x4-BP Yes 6.60 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-6x6PR-CTBLOK-6x6-BP Yes 7.86 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-7x5PR-CTBLOK-7x5-BP Yes 7.85 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-8x6PR-CTBLOK-8x6-BP Yes 8.57 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-8x8"PR-CTBLOK-8x8-BP Yes 9.27 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-9x6PR-CTBLOK-9x6-BP Yes 9.12 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-10x8PR-CTBLOK-10x8-BP Yes 11.13 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-10x10PR-CTBLOK-10x10-BP Yes 13.00 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-12x8PR-CTBLOK-12x8-BP Yes 12.41 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-A4PR-CTBLOK-A4-BP Yes 12.42 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-12x10PR-CTBLOK-12x10-BP Yes 14.28 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-12x12PR-CTBLOK-12x12-BP Yes 15.20 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-14x11PR-CTBLOK-14x11-BP Yes 19.56 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-16x12PR-CTBLOK-16x12-BP Yes 21.15 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-A3PR-CTBLOK-A3-BP Yes 23.02 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-16x16PR-CTBLOK-16x16-BP Yes 27.85 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-A3+PR-CTBLOK-A3+-BP Yes 29.31 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-20x16PR-CTBLOK-20x16-BP Yes 34.56 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-20x20PR-CTBLOK-20x20-BP Yes 40.36 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-24x16PR-CTBLOK-24x16-BP Yes 32.87 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-24x20PR-CTBLOK-24x20-BP Yes 45.30 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-24x24PR-CTBLOK-24x24-BP Yes 55.60 20%
P&B Image Block-Birch-32x12PR-CTBLOK-32x12-BP Yes 37.07 20%

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