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Try something different for your prints! Our 255gsm metallic prints are exceptionally vibrant when compared to standard gloss and lustre prints.These prints have a metallic like finish and shine and an extensive gamut and are suitable for images with white. Prints will have exceptional edge definition and detail whilst appearing clear and crisp. They should appear metallic from all viewing angles and are stunning when used with HDR images. Try them also with black and white prints! Just send us your images using our FTP upload facility or send them via CD.  Then enter the number of prints for the album that you have ordered.

You can upload your images here ...CLICK HERE or when you go through the checkout, you can also upload then.

Product Details

Unit Measure EACH
Stock Item Yes
Stock Item Price VAT
Printing 10x7" Metallic PaperPR10x7-MET-LAB Yes 0.75 20%
Printing 14x14 cm-Metallic PaperPR13x13FOL-MET-LAB Yes 0.51 20%
Printing 167x167mm size Metallic PaperPR167x167-C-MET-LAB Yes 0.56 20%
Printing 30x20cm -Metallic PaperPR30x20MADEX-MET-LAB Yes 0.89 20%
Printing 127x127mm or 5x5" Metallic PaperPR5x5in-MET-LAB Yes 0.34 20%
Printing 6x4" -Metallic PaperPR6x4in-MET-LAB Yes 0.34 20%
Printing 6x8" -Metallic PaperPR6x8N-MET-LAB Yes 0.56 20%
Printing 7x5" -Metallic PaperPR7x5F-MET-LAB Yes 0.51 20%
Printing 8x10" -Metallic PaperPR8x10M-MET-LAB Yes 0.75 20%
Printing 8x8" -Metallic PaperPR8x8I-MET-LAB Yes 0.62 20%
Printing 9x6" - Metallic PaperPR9x6-MET-LAB Yes 0.61 20%

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