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Your images printed on quality professional lustre paper using Fujifilm Vividia dye inks providing fabulous reproductions! The Vividia Inks from Fujifilm use a unique colorant that is light and Ozone resistant. This provides prints with excellent skin tones and rich colours.

  1. Select from the list below, the size such as 6x4" as well as the quantity.
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  3. Just send us your images using our File upload facility or send them via CD/USB.

Product Details

Unit Measure EACH
Stock Item Yes
Stock Item Price VAT
Printing A4 -Lustre PaperPR-A4R/T-SAT-LAB Yes 1.01 20%
Printing 10x10cm -Lustre PaperPR10x10cm-SAT-LAB Yes 0.20 20%
Printing 10x7" -Lustre PaperPR10x7-SAT-LAB Yes 0.82 20%
Printing 12x8" -Lustre PaperPR12x8in-SAT-LAB Yes 0.87 20%
Printing 14x14cm Folio-Lustre PaperPR13x13FOL-SAT-LAB Yes 0.35 20%
Printing 167x167mm size Lustre PaperPR167x167-C-SAT-LAB Yes 0.47 20%
Printing 30x20cm -Lustre PaperPR30x20MADEX-SAT-LAB Yes 1.01 20%
Printing 5x3.5" -Lustre PaperPR5x3-5in-SAT-LAB Yes 0.21 20%
Printing 5x4" -Lustre PaperPR5x4in-SAT-LAB Yes 0.23 20%
Printing 127x127mm or 5x5" Lustre PaperPR5x5in-SAT-LAB Yes 0.27 20%
Printing 6x4" -Lustre PaperPR6x4in-SAT-LAB Yes 0.23 20%
Printing 6x8" -Lustre PaperPR6x8N-SAT-LAB Yes 0.48 20%
Printing 7x5" -Lustre PaperPR7x5F-SAT-LAB Yes 0.37 20%
Printing 8x10" -Lustre PaperPR8x10M-SAT-LAB Yes 0.82 20%
Printing 8x8" -Lustre PaperPR8x8I-SAT-LAB Yes 0.66 20%
Printing 9x6" - Lustre PaperPR9x6-SAT-LAB Yes 0.55 20%

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