Bespoke Frames

Our range of bespoke and standard sized solid wood frames consists of over 50 hand-picked mouldings to suit all tastes. You are welcome to drop by our showroom and see them close up! The range in this section is a taster of what we are able to produce.

  • Frames are made to order and you may choose from standard glass, matt glass and even Gallery Glass.
  • Gallery Glass will reduce residual reflection to less than 1% - 8 times less than standard glass as well as increasing light transmission by 8% making colours show true. 
  • We have listed a few common sizes to get you started, but for unlisted sizes, just call us for pricing. Prices include a finished frame and box (optional) plus optional frame mount, . (Photographers can download a pricelist from the "photographer's section when they login.)
  • Don't forget to upload your image(s) for us to print on photographic paper if you need to.(Fine Art papers -ask us for pricing).
  • We supply the frame finished and ready to display!

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