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A Wedding Album with a Difference!

General - 03-September-2008

A Wedding Album with a Difference!

Many people are aware of the special place that Mario Acerboni of Italy has in the world of wedding and portrait album manufacture but few people know about the man himself! Mario began producing photograph albums in Italy some 43 years ago having trained as a Mechanical Engineer and then starting out as a bookbinder. He spent many years developing products for the home market in Italy. One of his early developments was to produce a photograph album that was book bound as opposed to post bound, as was the custom at that time. This utilised his bookbinding skills to best effect and produced the Classic range of book bound albums that many other manufacturers followed.
Some 25 years ago, Mario Acerboni designed and produced the very first Slip in overlay album system due to his frustration at having pages stick together in the heat of his native Italy! Since that day Mario Acerboni Slip-In Albums, known as the Deidrim system, have been sold all over the world. The Deidrim albums have stood the test of time and are still handmade in Italy by a dedicated team that pass their skills down through the generations. Mario's achievements were recognised in 2006 by the Master Photographers Association and the British Institute of Professional Photographers when he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement award at the British Professional Photography Awards.
Mario Acerboni Albums have always kept one eye on the fashions in the big design centres such as Milan and they have always sought to integrate an element of this in their ranges. Notwithstanding that, they also produce many original designs that make them stand apart from other manufacturers. Their attention to detail and quality is second to none!
This is one reason why when they were asked recently to consider making an album that was a little bit different, they had no problem with accepting! Darren and Christothea Williams spent a very long time making plans for their wedding. For a start, it was going to be special as they planned to have a wedding that was themed around Tolkien's Lord of the Rings story! They spent many hours researching materials and locations as well as visiting historic re-enactment venues to find craftsmen with the necessary skills to make their day happen.

They needed, for example to find somebody to produce pieces of armour for Darren to wear as well as the many costumes that the guests were obliged to wear! During their travels, they came across Phil Bartlett of Stagman Creations who amongst many other things is a skilled artist in working with leather. For over three years, Phil worked during spare time to produce the most stunning designs in the style of the Lord of the Rings in hide leather that were eventually to become the spine and covers for Darren and Christothea's wedding album.

Mario Acerboni himself took personal charge of producing the album assisted by his daughter Roberta as you can see from this series of images. Firstly, we see Mario in his workshop beginning work on a piece of leather that was to become one of the covers. Many of the machines in the Acerboni factory are personally built or adapted by Mario to conform to his exact requirements. Indeed, he has his own engineering workshop within the factory where he spends many hours perfecting his machines and developing new products and techniques.

In this view, Mario is guillotining the leather that was to become the spine of the album.

Although Digital Storybook albums are very popular at the moment and are also offered by Acerboni, a large proportion also prefer the traditional style of a hand-assembled album and with a Mario Acerboni Album they know that it will stand the test of time.

In this last image, Roberta Acerboni is putting the finishing touches to the special cover that was made to protect the album.

The results are stunning and can be seen in the series of images shown below.

The album created was A3 upright format with 50 leaves giving 100 sides of images in order to fit in all of Darren and Christothea's wedding photographs.

Never one to stand idle, Mario Acerboni has recently invented the world's first Slide and Fold album.

This album was designed for those clients who require a single cross- centre panoramic image or multiple montage style of a digital storybook but with the card border styling and advantages offered by a traditional slip in album. Called Digital AMA, these albums are available in various cover designs and a variety of sizes from 20x30 cm up to 60 x40 cm. The traditional border edge protects the image and the slip-in leaf design allows replacement of an image should it ever become damaged.

Of course Mario Acerboni continue to be an innovator of image presentation products that include a diverse range of covers with hand painted designs by artists such as Giuseppe Pacini and Roberta Acerboni. Giuseppe Pacini produces designs for many of Mario Acerboni covers and has done design work for Gianni Versace clothing and Gucci! What draws people to the Mario Acerboni range is that they never cease to improve their products and invent new ones. The albums shown here are from the 2008 Turandot range.

Mario Acerboni is also able to boast that virtually any of their covers can be made into a Digital Storybook as well as all other formats. Many designs are available in a huge variety of materials and colours. There are three main album size formats and three mini-digital album sizes to choose from. It is possible to choose from a variety of different finishes including matt, sparkle and leather laminates, metallic and lustre papers, matching cases, and from six to 50 open leaves. With a 22 to 29 day turnaround on such bespoke products, Mario Acerboni is competitive on delivery time as well as price.