Gualcio 6055 Digital

A very high quality hide leather is used for this storybook album where the natural textured finish becomes the design of the album.

  • Manufactured by Mario Acerboni and available in tan, claret and blush pink.
  • Click on the image to see the various colours and to enlarge.

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Customer Reviews


This album was my first purchase of a Mario Acerboni album (40 x 30). It really is a beautiful album. The customers when receiving it were overwhelmed by its quality. The aroma of leather coming from it was wonderful. Its feels very Italian. With the zero vat in the UK I will now only be offering these albums to customers. A top quality product I can highly recommend. As a foot note. When the album was being printed the guys noticed a hair sticking out in one of the pictures I had missed. They stopped printing and let me know, enabling me to correct it. Quality!

Reviewed by Martin Giddings from Norfolk
March 2012

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